Valtra tractors are known for being rugged, reliable, versatile, and Nordic. Each Valtra is individually built according to the customer’s wishes, to perform the most demanding work, and to offer the highest possible performance in the harshest conditions.

This was done:

  • Control unit design
  • Software architecture development
  • System testing

Aiming for the same goal

“We’ve been working now with Devecto for several years already. At first we got to know each other through small projects, and the success with which these took off led to us undertaking bigger product development projects together. Now we have ‘adopted’ Devecto experts travelling around the world representing Valtra.

In everyday work we don’t really distinguish between Devecto employees and our own – we all muck in together and are aiming for the same development goals. Product development is teamwork at its best, where ideas and thoughts are refined as a group and tasks are shared out equally among us. Everyone – Devecto people and our own – play by the same principles of agile development. Thanks to Devecto we have the best methods and the latest tools available to improve our products and processes yet further.

Devecto is a crucial partner in our product development, because they supply us with both software development and method development experts. Devecto have in-depth knowledge of the vehicle control units which are at the core of modern tractors. We trust Devecto’s expertise in safety, modelling, and software control, and they are also a strategic partner in developing our production systems.

Because our industry is cyclical, our resource needs vary, and so a special feature of this is anticipatory strategic planning which makes working together easier for both parties. Over the years we have noticed that, on top of their software expertise, Devecto’s special strength is commitment. When deadlines come rolling in, they are ready to be flexible and do whatever it takes to meet them. Thanks to Devecto we’ve been able to get through many a tight spot.

Devecto is our trusted partner, and we have always had a close-knit relationship. It is really something that we have been able to make it happen for all these years.”

Pekka Huuskonen

Manager of Electronics and Electrics Design

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