Value for all parties


A guided path to work and a chance to grow into SW professional.


Growing fast-learning new professionals with fresh views into teams in a cost-effective way.


A chance to bring top performers directly to customer’s project to show off their muscles.

Devecto Academy Concepts

Expert sharing sessions

  • For students at all stages
  • Participation to 1h casual company internal session on a specific topic shared by Devecto experts
  • Lecture visits by Devecto experts
  • F2F / virtual company visits or excursions

Project studies

  • For +2nd year students
  • Project topic by Devecto and project review sessions with feedback from Devecto experts
  • Option to include the project in degree studies
  • Individual students or teams of students working on a specific topic

SW Trainee

  • For graduates, thesis workers and final stage students
  • 4-6 month training period including onboarding and mentoring by experts
  • Goal is to become a permanent employee
  • Pairs or teams of SW Trainees working in customer projects

Process from application to permanent position


Devecto Academy interviews applicants.


SW Trainees are initially recruited into a fixed-term employment.

Project work

Pair or teamwork in a customer project, mentoring by an expert

Next steps

Aiming for permanent employment.


Devecto Academy opens SW Trainee positions based on potential customer needs. Also possible topics for project studies are posted here.

Want to know more? Please contact our principal who is not that grumpy 🙂

Virpi Saari

People & Culture Manager