“Devecto’s strength is its skilled and competent personnel who do uncompromising work to ensure that our projects are successful. Devecto is a valuable system integrator for us, providing Bosch Rexroth with high-quality, tested and documented software for the mobile hydraulic control systems that it supplies.

Working together enables faster deliveries, which saves our valuable time. Devecto’s deep understanding of the mobile machine sector – particularly regarding control systems for farm machinery – technical expertise and agile development mindset guarantee that our customers receive the equipment that they order quickly and cost-efficiently.

Devecto’s experts are able to combine the wishes of the client and customers with pioneering technology in their software solutions. The other national units in our company have also had positive experiences working with Devecto, and this encouraged us to select them for a particularly demanding customer project.

Things do not always go exactly as planned, but we have also had good experiences in challenging circumstances. On one occasion, one of our technicians noticed during deployment that the software supplied by Devecto was lacking a required function. The issue was rectified within one day and the customer received the equipment on time. Devecto always takes responsibility for projects, and we can fully trust in their expertise and scheduling.”

Henrik Jarl

Technical manager

Product manager electronics

Mobile hydraulics Sweden

Bosch Rexroth