2019 and the start of 2020 were very strong financial years for Devecto, but making predictions for this autumn is a challenge

As in previous years, Devecto’s business developed strongly with a strong growth curve over the last fiscal year, and the start of 2020 proved even stronger than predicted.

According to CEO Pasi Salonen, this has been the sought-after organic growth that was part of the 2019 strategy. Evenly paced investments that were measured with precision are now bearing fruit.

“Over the last fiscal year we’ve really started to see the returns of investing in key personnel and enhancing recruitment, and we’ve been able to improve mobile services, web and cloud software, and embedded development. We’ve managed to keep customer and employee satisfaction on an excellent level by, for example, constantly developing what we offer and by focusing on well-being at work and human resource management. We had a directed share issue in 2019 to extend our employee ownership, and now almost half our employees are also company owners. In 2020 we will be focusing especially on Southern Finland and the Pirkanmaa areas as there has been strong growth there at the start of this year. International business has also seen growth through existing clients, sales channels, and partnerships. This year has started off exceptionally well in financial terms – in the first quarter our turnover grew by 50% compared to the same quarter in previous years.

“In terms of the number of personnel we employ, we’re still hoping to get over the 100 mark. The effect of the Corona pandemic on our business remains to be seen, and many economic scenarios are now possible” Salonen says. “By working together to seize new opportunities we will get through this”.

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