”I started my career at Devecto two and a half years ago, in the software development team for mobile machines, where I have continued to work. The studies at the University of Applied Sciences provided good basic information for software development work, but my experience is that this job is only really learned by doing it.

The software development of mobile machines is versatile and responsible work. The most rewarding part of it being working with the actual machines. The code is created on the computer, but the results of the development can be seen in the machine operation.

At Devecto employees are trusted, and no one is monitored by a time card. The atmosphere is enthusiastic and relaxed. Here you can actually influence the kind of projects and how much responsibility you take on. When you are pro-active and set out to do your very best, you have the possibility to advance in your career.

My current position as team leader requires being aware of what each team member is working on. When needed, I will provide advice, and ensure that the project proceeds according to plan. A supervisory position requires acting exemplarily and solving problem situations quickly in order to maintain smooth processes and a good working atmosphere.

Devecto is a growing and a profitable company, and a good place to work at. ”

Petrus Lehtola

software developer and team leader

Devecto Ltd.