“I work as the site manager of Devecto’s Kajaani office. My job is versatile: I’m responsible for project acquisition in the region of Northern Finland, project management, and running operations at the office in Kajaani. I also do software development for customer projects, together with my co-workers. In my previous jobs as project manager and program designer, I came to realize that developing something new is what excites me the most. And that’s what I get to do in my new job, to a greater extent and on a wider scale than before.

It’s important for me to share a similar set of values with my employer. The Devecto principle “It doesn’t matter where you work, as long as you work well” is carried out very well in practice. Devecto trusts their employees and they are given the freedom to do their job in the way that they see best. The attitude towards work is both professional and enthusiastic, and at the same time the work atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed. At Devecto, we are like a football team. Our organization is well-structured and each person has their own role. The most important thing is to get the best suited players for the right positions so that everyone’s talents can be utilized by the entire team. Of course, you need to train and coach too, in order to reach balanced and productive teamwork. In the field of software development, the skills of the employees are the key to succeeding with global customers. That’s why Devecto invests in employee training and encourages knowledge sharing.

Devecto has what it takes to reach the big games. We are a company that seeks growth and has an enthusiastic can-do mentality.”

Petri Ingalsuo

Site manager, Kajaani

Devecto Ltd.