“Cooperation with Devecto sparked into life years ago. Initially, we developed our cooperation in small projects, our success in which drove us towards even bigger product development projects. Now the specialised professionals we have ‘adopted’ from Devecto are travelling the world representing Valtra.

In our everyday work we do not distinguish between our own employees and those of Devecto – everybody just does developmental work, playing towards the same goal. Product development is, at its best, team work in which ideas and thoughts are refined by common efforts. Tasks are shared equally and everybody – both Devecto employees and our own – adheres to the same principles of nimble development. Thanks to Devecto, we have the best methods and newest tools at our disposal, helping us improve both our products and processes.’

Devecto is a vitally important partner for our product development, because they provide us with professionals in both software design and process development. Devecto employees have deep know-how of moving vehicle control systems, which are in a very central position in today’s tractors. We trust Devecto’s security know-how, modelling skills and software management ability. In addition, Devecto employees participate in developing production systems, which makes them our strategic partner.

Because our sector is trend-sensitive, our resource needs vary. A special feature of this cooperation is the proactive strategic planning which makes each side’s operations easier. Over the years we have noticed that Devecto’s forte, in addition to good software know-how, is dedication. When schedules go crazy they are ready to be flexible and really get to work to achieve goals. With Devecto, we have come out of many difficult situations as the winners.

Devecto is a trusted partner for us, one with whom work has always flowed seamlessly. We have maintained an atmosphere of real progress for all these years.”

Pekka Huuskonen

Head of Electrical Automation Sector

Valtra Oy Ab