Devecto is an expert in software design. We serve our customers at all stages in the lifecycle of software development. We can craft software solutions from embedded development right through to web and mobile solutions.

Embedded solutions usually have their own operating system, but sensor solutions, for example, can also be created without one. Different industrial protocols act as communication interfaces, and these can be either wireless or wired between devices, systems, and cloud solutions. The starting point for embedded solutions is often a suitable commercial platform, but sometimes specially tailored electronics of your own may be the best solution, if there are great volumes or costs involved, or special technical requirements. To ensure the quality of the software, it is essential to choose the best experts, with suitably agile development processes, and to use test automation and a model-based approach  to seek for quality anomalies.

We work together with our customers to develop demanding products in information technology, industry, consumer electronics and medicinal devices. Our way of working and our processes will fit to the needs of our customers. We can be responsible for the software’s entire lifecycle as a separate development team, or be part of a larger project organisation within the customer’s premises.

Our knowledge areas

  • Micro controllers
  • DSP programming
  • Linux systems
  • Test automation
  • Algorithm design
  • Process development
  • PLC software
  • Wireless systems
  • FPGA design


Contact us

Juha Ojaniemi

Vice President and COO