Devecto’s expertise covers designing and building whole control systems for smart machines. Our services include baseline analysis, and building real-time autonomous system solutions. In addition to the needs of the devices and solutions, we also understand the needs of business and can integrate our solutions into existing processes. If needed, we visualise the data and results, so that they can be used by all parties, for example, to support business decision-making.

Mobile machine system development is the core of our expertise. Our services include:

  • Need definition and service design
  • Control unit design and building
  • User interface design and building
  • System development and test automation
  • Tools and cloud-based service development for production and service tools

We have experience of mobile electronics and a range of other products from several different companies. For Bosch Rexroth we are an official, prizewinning integration partner. We design and build user interface and control unit solutions for the mobile machines of the biggest companies in the field.

Simulation and modelling are important design methods in the development of smart machines. These methods allow us to test and develop functions before the actual physical device is available. Our model-based design and HIL testing allow us to considerably shorten a product’s development time.

In mobile machines, machine learning can make the operator’s work easier by automatising certain functions and making others autonomous. Machine learning can parse the space surrounding the machine and based on this, separate the high-level goals into a series of decisions, out of which actions can be created. The machine’s control unit will be designed in such a way that it can carry out these actions in real-time with a precision that requires lots of very fine adjustment techniques and detailed communication between the different control units.

In industrial applications, machine learning offers benefits for operators, service personnel, quality control, and management. Machine learning helps handle large amounts of data, it can teach systems to recognize structures and dependencies and help to spot anomalies.

With production and service tools the features of mobile devices can be defined and controlled during the product’s lifecycle – read more here. IoT solutions follow the lifecycle of a device or a machine, map the service needs, and optimise operation.


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