Digitalisation projects require time and investment, from both the customer and provider. It is essential to know exactly what  the customer’s business needs are and combine this knowledge with an efficient model for working together.

Service design is a customer-oriented, inclusive design method for mapping out needs and requirements. If used correctly, it is also a strong tool for not only finding the right answers to those needs, but creating the right mindsets in the first place to do this. It brings together all the parties involved, including the end user, right from the start. Work is done mainly by working through ideas with the end user. Service-design thinking should be an integral part of the daily functions of any organization or business developing service.

With Devecto’s service design we can help our customers to come up with business and service model ideas as well as developing the end product. When working together we make sure that your organisation’s ability to create a service and develop service business will rise to the next level.

We use modern agile work methods and can adapt to the customer’s processes as needed. We listen carefully to exactly what the customer needs, and work proactively with them on a long-term basis. Our way of working is characteristically relaxed, but we maintain an expert approach to everything, especially safety matters.

We also assume the responsibility for following the project through, according to the timetable and work agreed on together. We can bring along experience for project and product management and ensure a turnkey delivery.

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Timo Tuhkunen

Head of PMO, Projects and Quality