”Strong growth expected to continue” says Devecto CEO Pasi Salonen

The organic growth of Devecto’s turnover in 2020 was more than +30%.

According to CEO Pasi Salonen, the 2020 financial year eventually went according to the original turnover targets of approximately 8M€, despite the COVID disruption in the spring. In the autumn, business and customer demand returned to the level beginning of the year level, and demand increased again as we moved towards 2021.

At the turn of the year, together with our partners, we exceeded our target of 100 persons. This year we have already hired 12 new persons during January alone. For 2021 we expect a growth of more than + 30% and exceeding a turnover of € 10 million as the result of the run rate achieved already in the beginning of 2021.

As the most significant investment last year, we launched a new office in Oulu at the end of the year. Beginning of 2021 we acquired a few significant new customers from the telecommunications and health and well-being technology sectors. We have updated and refined our strategy throughout the autumn, and we will focus future investments on further strengthening the industries and competencies selected in the strategy. Staff well-being and competence development is also constantly one of our main themes. We are looking for international growth, especially in mobile machinery and vehicles, where we also have the strongest industry expertise and ready-made international partners and customer networks.

The “old wisdom“ of not laying all eggs in the same basket has become even more relevant over the past year in terms of risk management. Keeping these old wisdoms clear in our heads we want to continue to strive for even better service for our current customers by helping them develop new solutions and improve their competitiveness. At the same time, we look towards new opportunities for the future and invest heavily in our selected business areas, says Salonen.

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Pasi Salonen

President and CEO

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