Miikka Ketonen has worked at Devecto since August 2019. Before coming to Devecto, Miikka worked for eight years as a researcher at Tampere University, where he carried out model-based software design and built testing environments for smart hydraulic systems.

After his long career as a researcher, Miikka chose Devecto as a place to work and find new challenges. 

“As a researcher I worked mostly by myself and work progressed slowly because of it. After eight years, I started to long for new kinds of challenges and a team around me. I already knew people who worked at Devecto, and I had heard positive things about the company”, Ketonen says. “This image only came across stronger in the interviews”.

Diverse skills put to use and new ones learnt

Building an HIL testing unit for Avant was one of Miikka’s first assignments at Devecto. The skills he had acquired at university were put to good use straight away, and new ones needed to be learned too.

“My background in hydraulics, automation, model-based design, and simulation models really came in handy when I was building Avant’s HIL test unit. Integrating the test automation software and writing up the test cases also required some code skills which I hadn’t really used that much at university.

So it was a lot of fun to dust those skills off too” Ketonen chuckles, “and to actually practise using C++ and Python in real life”.

Interesting assignments, a good team, and opportunities make Devecto a good employer

Model-based software development through design and traditional coding, testing expertise, and a background in hydraulics and automation are things that are appreciated at Devecto; maybe not all of them need to be mastered, but most anyway. Devecto employees are the best in their field in Finland.

“Devecto does top-quality work, and the customers are very interesting too. The team is supportive. You can be constantly developing your skills and you find real solutions to the customers’ problems”.

“If you know about model-based design and are interested in working with devices or embedded systems”, Ketonen adds, “then Devecto is an excellent employer.”

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