Name of our company Vision Development Oy is changing because of proprietary measures. Our new name is Devecto Oy. The business identification code 2616184-9 and the location Jyväskylä will stay the same as before.

As of now we are updating our information systems, email addresses, and our website. Our old email addresses will continue to work until next summer along with the new ones to make sure of our actions to proceed as usual in spite of the change. Otherwise our contact info stays the same.

The new name of the company came into effect officially 15.1.2018, but the change is gradual in nature. Both names may show in our invoicing and messages during the transition period, but our goal is to have the changes made until the end of February.

Our new email addresses are firstname.surname@devecto. com and our internet address

The name Devecto consists of the words Development and Vector: Development describes our actions as a professional of product development services, and Vector our assertive take on everything we do. Our number one concern is our enthusiastic, skilful, and motivated staff. It is nice to work for us. We take care of the well-being and skills of our staff in a determined way to ensure continuous regeneration, and to be able to offer the latest technical know-how with the best customer experience to our clientele.

Pasi Salonen, CEO, puh. 040 518 1305,
Marja Kettunen, Administrative Manager, puh. 050 409 0040,